Vancouver Intro TalkCourses were run both in person and online, and were designed to give participants a series of simple and yet effective techniques they could apply in daily life that would most enable them to gain their own firsthand spiritual knowledge and experience. Two popular introductory courses started off the series: the Astral Travel and Dreams course and the Self-Discovery course. The astral course covered topics such as how to have out-of-body experiences, how to wake up in dreams, and how to understand and interpret symbols in dreams, while the Self-Discovery…

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tgm-usa-retreat-05-5As a complement to the courses, The Gnostic Movement organized international retreats for its participants once per year in North America, Europe, and Australia, while individual study centers and groups would often hold smaller mini-retreats throughout the year. Retreats provided a unique opportunity for participants to focus exclusively on the exercises and techniques of Gnosis for a few days in beautiful and conducive environments in nature, as well as a chance to relax, unwind, and catch up with friends…

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Study Centers

Astral Travel and Dreams Course in BrisbaneThe Gnostic Movement established study centers and groups in many countries spanning the globe, in Australia, Canada, the U.S., the UK, Greece, Cyprus, and Malaysia. Gnostic Movement centers served as dedicated locations for its courses, but also drop-in meditation sessions, special workshops, and other activities like occasional fundraising movie nights or social events in the cafes. In cities without established centers, Gnostic Movement courses were run in rented public spaces such as libraries and community halls…

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TGM Gnostic AwakeningsThe Gnostic Movement had a large and active online presence. Its main website facilitated its free online courses, which were taken by over ninety thousand people in over one hundred different countries. The online course system was first released in January of 2001 and was very successful as it was one of the early publishers of Internet e-learning, particularly for spiritual topics. It also housed a large forum system, with both public and dedicated course forums for course participants.

The Gnostic Movement also ran a number of other websites including Astralweb, a community hub that served as a springboard to explore astral projection, astral travel, and lucid dreaming; and Gnostic Judas, which set out to examine and further reveal the spiritual role played by Judas as requested by Jesus, an account of which is given in the ancient Gnostic text the Gospel of Judas (translation published by National Geographic in 2006).

About Belzebuub

Belzebuub is a British-born author. He dedicated 20 years of his life to teaching spirituality freely from 1990 to 2010 before withdrawing from public life in 2010. He founded The Gnostic Movement in 1999, and was elected to its role of international coordinator. His mission was to freely provide Gnosis (a word meaning spiritual knowledge) as practically, accessibly, and widely throughout the world as possible, and he created The Gnostic Movement for this purpose.

In 2001 he created The Gnostic Movement’s series of courses, which together provided someone with a practice oriented system of exploring spirituality. Later, Belzebuub would turn these courses into books, such as his popular astral book. Each course was structured to guide someone through a series of effective exercises to help them gain spiritual experiences; the courses were also designed to progress from one to the other so that someone could establish a framework in their daily lives to explore spiritual knowledge in an objective way.

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