Unparalleled Understanding and Care – Cameron’s Experience

Cameron P

I participated in the courses provided by The Gnostic Movement for approximately 8 years. The courses, and all of the information provided, was given free of charge. Over that time, the teachings, and the way that they were provided by Belzebuub, has helped me immensely in my own personal growth and development. Belzebuub’s dedication and tireless efforts in providing the teachings to the world has meant that I have been able to do this without fear of judgement, persecution, or financial burden.

During this time he has dedicated his life to providing this information for any person, any background, and any race, so that people can make their own choices on how they wish to live a spiritually-enriched and purposeful life.

Always giving his time and his experience to any person that would ask for help, Belzebuub has never once asked any of those people for any type of payment, financial or otherwise. He provided his spiritual insights and experience to the world through the internet, running weekly talks and feedback sessions, and providing them for download to the public from his own website. All of these are provided free of charge.

I have also experienced firsthand the care, dedication and love he has shown for any individual who may have had the chance to meet him at the spiritual retreats that The Gnostic Movement regularly ran in the past. He possesses unmatched qualities of compassion for and understanding of each individual, allowing him to help each person grow and develop spiritually, in their own time and at their own pace. He does this in a form that is simple, clear, and easy to understand.

I have known him for approximately 13 years now, starting in 2003, through my involvement in The Gnostic Movement in Australia. During this period, I have spent time with Mark on both a personal and official capacity within the Movement.

My association with Mark started in an online capacity through email, while taking the courses that were offered on ‘Mysticweb’ at the time. Over the coming years, I developed a closer friendship with Mark, helped with different tasks, and spent time with him in various ways.

Mark has always welcomed me into his home and and at all times has shown a great care and respectfulness for all of those people around him. I would consider him to be a true and loyal friend of mine. Even in difficult circumstances he has always made time for me and has personally helped me through many of life’s tough draw-cards. His gentle nature and unobtrusive demeanor can be seen by anyone that has spent time with him, and at all times Mark has been honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

On an official level, coming through the different courses of The Gnostic Movement and being a volunteer within the organization meant that I have had a professional relationship with Mark too. I have worked closely with him on web projects, developing his website and adding changes where they were needed. During these tasks, he was always very understanding when things went wrong, or when there were time delays and so on with the projects. Instead of being only concerned with the outcomes of the projects, and getting agitated and worried when things went wrong, his behavior was quite the opposite. He was always asking how I was doing, making sure that I was getting enough rest and was healthy. He would also help me to find much simpler solutions to problems, without all the stress and worry.

That care and understanding that he showed towards me, I have not seen in any other supervisor that I have worked with in my career as an IT Manager.

Cameron P

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