A Journey of Happiness into Gnosticism and Spirituality – Olga’s Experience

Mark’s Gnostic Movement, gave me a practical experience of spiritual realities, helping me to read into the teachings of Gnosis, not as a science fiction adventure story, but as a vividly clear instruction manual that brought spiritual and psychological depths right into my hands – allowing me to focus not on theories and ideas that were outside of me, or part of some distant set of rules and principles, but upon the amazing unfoldment of my own spiritual journey, and the blissful reality of being.

Before The Gnostic Movement

Article by Olga G

After many years of living with an incredible uneasiness without something to quench my thirst for spirituality, I found Gnosis. I felt free. I began to unscrew the vaults of my interior, where bursts of dusty happiness would lead me towards encounters and environments where the Greek definition of ‘Gnosis’’ (aka: knowledge of oneself) was unravelling before my eyes. It was in the summer of 2002 where my interest in psychology began to merge with the realities of mysticism, the esoteric and the unknown, and I, with a racing heart did everything to explore, what to me was a beautiful awakening into the philosophy and wonder of Gnosticism.

Gnosis immediately became to me a marriage of many religions, where a very long and very old golden thread weaved the stories, legends and allegories from spiritual texts to new culture after culture, new era after era, and guided every reader, every practitioner, and every devotee towards a process that was timeless and universal. The religions that I previously did not understand began to shine in a new light. I learned to love many of them, as their symbolic nature revealed a much greater message of wisdom and spiritual transformation.

And like that, finding Gnosis was the most interesting thing that ever happened to me. I met new people who talked to me about past lives, galaxies, the universe, extra-terrestrials and the great thinkers who made a spiritual and cultural impact in the world.

My First Steps in The Gnostic Movement

A few months later, while I was already engrossed in the excitement of discovering and learning about Gnosticism, I found my way into The Gnostic Movement. A walk had been organised in a city park to practice some of the exercises which were part of Belzebuub’s courses. It was actually very unexpected and last minute, as I heard about the event through word of mouth. I didn’t know what to expect, but was interested to go along for the walk.

Before I knew it, I was learning how to be aware of the present moment.

The walk was part of a course on Self-Discovery that was run by The Gnostic Movement. I learned that The Gnostic Movement had three main courses which were Self-Discovery, Dreams & Astral Travel, and the Journey to Enlightenment.

The walk was extremely conducive to learning and personal exploration. The more I gave my attention to the exercise of awareness the more it brought me results. There was a special focus to be practical, and an encouragement from the Gnostic Movement facilitator to keep trying. My mind struggled with busy thoughts, but the approach I was learning was very straightforward, and the instruction was so easy to follow, it was just a matter of me doing it. I noticed how quickly my mind wanted to wander and comment on things, as it had been used to living in daydreams and chatter for over 20 years. By the end of the walk, I had experienced the results of an effective technique for awareness and self-discovery. A blissful state expanded from within me leading towards an eruption of laughter. I was full of happiness and overwhelmed by joy. If I could find any words that could properly describe how I felt I would multiply them here a hundred-fold.

And so… I pursued the courses of the Gnostic Movement with great interest. Belzebuub’s writing style in his books and course material was simple and profound. Although I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Gnosis prior to the Gnostic Movement, it was through Belzebuub’s coherent methodology to be practical, simple and to seek personal experience in every aspect of my life that gave me continual results.

As I spent more time in the Gnostic Movement as a beginner student I was surrounded by a framework that helped me to achieve personal spiritual experience. The Gnostic Movement was great because I had access to:

  1. A facilitator (who explained spiritual topics, guided practices & answered questions)
  2. A course structure (written by Belzebuub)
  3. A setting with lots of people interested in learning the same thing
  4. Practices I could try out at home and in my life
  5. A weekly lecture
  6. A weekly group practice
  7. A second longer weekly group practice (if I wanted more group practice time)

This structure created an environment where the personal experience of the student was the greatest priority. The systematic way the practices were taught gave me the means to not just dream about Gnosis, but to uncover amazing realities within the limitless bounds of my own personal experience.

One of the greatest unexpected gifts that I gained from my involvement with the Gnostic Movement was in the experiences of joy that lifted me up, that strengthened me, and that brought me closer to the immensifying happiness of exploring spirituality.

I have learned that happiness, (this little word with great meaning), resides in some of the least expected of places. It was with me in my first encounter with Gnosticism. It was with me on my first day in the Gnostic Movement, in a profound and vivid form. Then, as I moved through Belzebuub’s various courses, exploring the Gnostic techniques, I came to know happiness more intimately. I found that happiness lives very close to our deepest sorrows, and our introspection into difficulty can gradually begin to crack the shell of a sleeping seed of happiness. I have experienced bursts of happiness in the face of anger, in the grips of anxiety, in the clutches of pain. Because like a voice of reason, there is an immense pull for happiness to light up our lives and to calm the waves of illusion brought by lower emotions and subconscious states.

I have learned that happiness is hidden deep within my core, and many times, through the effectiveness of applying the techniques I learned from Belzebuub I can draw myself closer to the joyful bliss of happiness. In remembering my time in the Gnostic Movement I remember many things, but it is those moments of acute happiness that I remember most of all. Like blades of light piercing through cracks of clay, longing to break free.

“Peace & happiness
are powerful weapons
against the Egos.”

By Olga G

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