Exploring the Meaning of Life – Penny’s Experience

Penny B

In the year 2002 I attended a free course on dreams and out of body experiences compiled by Mark (Belzebuub), run by The Gnostic Movement in Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne.

I was interested in this topic due to a past astral experience and was seeking to understand what I had experienced and learn how to re-create it.

I was very excited about going along, though a little nervous about attending the course alone and to be honest, I asked myself if there would be some kind of catch in a free course? But I refused to allow doubts to stop me from going.

I attended the course and I found the lectures and practices really interesting and verified for me the legitimacy of the information, because the description of an out-of-body experience (the astral plane) matched precisely the past experience I had had. And I also began to have further astral experiences and gain an understanding of what it was that I was experiencing. The teachers were very friendly and quite helpful in answering any questions, and as a woman attending the courses alone I felt very comfortable and never felt vulnerable.

The information that was presented was given in a way where you could explore it for yourself if you chose to, and the lectures were in no way dogmatic.

The courses were free, there was a donations box discretely placed, and donations were accepted but not expected. No one was put under any pressure to donate money. I gained more and more wonderful experiences and I wanted to give a donation when I could for these teachings because I saw a great value in them and wanted to support the people who were so giving of themselves.

I felt comfortable, was gaining valuable experiences and learning lots, so decided to attend the other courses, which I continued until the closure of The Gnostic Movement. The other courses were on the topics of self-knowledge and of how to lead a spiritual life that included marital fidelity as part of the spiritual work.

There were strict principles surrounding this topic and you could see this in the way that the coupled teachers related to each other and the respect they showed to the students. They were so loving and loyal to each other and (through example) showed that they followed this principle. This left a strong impression on me because it is not such a common thing these days.

These teachings were very valuable, they enabled me to experience things that are unimaginable, tapping in to other realms of existence and they gave me the opportunity to explore the meaning of life which left a very positive impression on me. It enabled me to verify experiences from my life in the past, which I could not explain before. With this guidance they became clear.

I heard very positive things about the author Belzebuub (Mark) from the teachers and students but the opportunity to meet him never arose during my time attending classes and helping out. I feel that the teachings of The Gnostic Movement were such a precious gift and were a genuine reflection and representation of how Mark is and what he stands for.

Penny B

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