Improving Relationships with Understanding – Seraphim’s Experience

I was a member of The Gnostic Movement in Greece and Cyprus, and am sharing some of my experiences with Mark (Belzebuub) and The Gnostic Movement.

Mark’s Character

In 2006, although I was very new in the teachings, I was lucky enough to accompany Mark in Nicosia of Cyprus where he would give the teachings. Once the audience was really large, about 300 new people and they were very keen with the new information and Mark’s (Belzebuub’s) teachings.

So after that lecture, in the afternoon, we gathered all together in the hotel to discuss this and how we’ll go on from then. So Mark posed to us the question, what we could do after this nice result and what we could do in spreading these teachings in Cyprus?

Although I was very new in these teaching, I proposed an idea to connect the Athens center and the audience in Cyprus through internet camera and projector, where we could see and hear each other. Mark was looking and listening to me very carefully which surprised me from the beginning because as I said I was very new and actually, he didn’t know me. Nevertheless, he found the idea very good and it was decided and agreed to be applied to this project in order to spread the teachings in Cyprus like that. This simple and democratic way of Mark gave me a very positive impact. So I felt he was interested clearly according to the value of idea and not about who proposes something.

Another thing that also surprised me during that lecture was that Mark’s body was disciplined with a natural way. His body was calm and still naturally without an effort, giving me the impression that he was a really balanced and disciplined person through the practices and his whole spiritual process. With that way, he was giving a precious teaching to me.

Generally, I like the way that Mark was speaking, the way that he is presenting his ideas and his teachings. He speaks in a very simple, balanced, humble, calm and gentle way, respecting very much the people/students with different ideas, understandings and “strange” questions without any kind of negativity, rudeness and fanaticism. Every time he was speaking and answering positively and presenting new things beyond the narrow way of thinking and egos. So just only from listening to the way he was interacting with the students, it was another real teaching for me and area of searching for me.

Besides, when I was listening to him, actually I was entering in a situation of calmness and clearness, increasing my consciousness level and clarity of my mind. From this aspect when I was simply listening to him through a video or on skype in a weekly talk, it was actually a constructive and spiritual experience and something like a practice of clearness, concentration and mindfulness for me.

He had also a good sense of humor and a very gentle and friendly way.

In a few cases that I had the opportunity to speak with him, he gave me a simple constructive guidance that helped me to understand, overcome the problem and go further.

Another thing that surprised me about 8-9 times is when I was Teacher in Cyprus, at the end of each period of courses, I had the feeling, the need that something should change in the courses in order to be more friendly and accessible to students or to help me at giving the teachings etc. I never shared this feeling with anybody else at all. Surprisingly after a while, I received an update he made on general changes in courses that was very close to what I had seen as the need. In the beginning that this happened, I thought that it just happened by luck. But, as I said, it happened about 8-9 times. So after I felt that somehow Mark had a clear perception, understanding and wisdom of how to refine and coordinate the general running of courses.

Mark very clearly noted to us not to react through any ego against the people who run the unfair smear campaign against him and TGM. So, he passed from the theory to the practical implementation of the teachings which under those hard and difficult times, it was for me the highlight and the quintessence of his teachings. I was astonished and it made on me the best positive impact and it was a clear proof for me that Mark was an authentic man that was living according to what he was teaching.

The Gnostic Movement

TGM always respected the choice of anybody and they were always free to accept or not the new information. So under this perspective it helped me to become more open to new things, ideas, situations and learning from anybody and anywhere in my life.

I can say all these years in TGM, I had deeper understanding about my relationships with other people. So this comprehension helped me to improve my relationship with my family. So I can say it is more balanced, peaceful, with positive feelings and understanding the position and situation of others. I respect the position of others even if I disagree, at least much more than before I received these teachings. So from this aspect, in my family relationship there is a more deep understanding and love than in the past and the teachings of TGM helped me in this direction.

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