Secret Quest: A Three Part Series on the Christian Gnostics

In 2009, The Gnostic Movement released a feature-length documentary on DVD titled Secret Quest: A Three Part Series on the Christian Gnostics. The series explored topics like who the original, historical Gnostics were, what they practiced, and what happened to them. It detailed other groups throughout history who held Gnostic beliefs, and also explored modern Gnostics, their practices, and Gnosticism in the present day.

The series was unique in that it was the first time that a documentary on the Gnostics was entirely written, produced, directed, and released by practicing Gnostics (see the listing on IMDB for more information). This is significant because up until this point, most of what had been known about the historical Gnostics was revealed either by their persecutors or later by academics. This gave the series an authoritative perspective, allowing the audience to understand more deeply what the Gnostics were truly all about.

The Beginnings of Secret Quest

Belzebuub, the international coordinator of The Gnostic Movement, had originally planned to introduce a four-week online course on Gnostic Christianity to be delivered through The Gnostic Movement; however, upon seeing the results of the videos produced for this course, he proposed that they be further expanded and turned into a full documentary, so as to reach a wider audience worldwide. Thus, the idea for Secret Quest was born.

The film was shot in California, USA and in Sydney and Perth, Australia. It was released by Absolute Publishing Press and was available from The Gnostic Movement’s centers as well as online via Amazon.

All of the episodes as well as a special feature from the DVD can be viewed below on this page. The trailer can also be viewed on Vimeo.