Creating the Foundations of Spiritual Development – Fotis’s Experience

Fotis M

I participated in TGM’s activity from 2007 when I started my first course on astral projection and dreams. Step by step I took all the courses, all the books and information were given there, in order to start my own spiritual path.

It could be a matter of my personality or/and the experiences I would like to have in my life. But nevertheless, the thing is that these teachings and the whole approach of TGM to the spiritual fitted very well with me and from the beginning, I felt it was something I was looking for, intentionally or not.

Something that gave a great boost to my life and actually changed it, was a clear experience of “how things work”. Having so many ideas till then about what I should do with my life, the picture I got from these teachings put things into a bigger perspective and made the purpose of life more valuable for me.

The structure of the courses and of the whole organisation reflected the principles and the values the teachers were representing at their courses. That felt to me like something fundamental for something like this organisation’s activity to grow and flourish, as actually it did. Things were in line with the physical law, clear and tidy, if there were any misunderstandings, the members were trying to resolve them as soon as possible. In that way, I don’t say that people there were like angels of course, but inside their human capacity they had a way of wanting and trying to approach the divine will and to act according to the divine law and universal principles.

That was something that stood out to me a lot because I had the chance throughout the time in TGM to experience that things work in a different way when someone put themselves at the service of the divine instead of materialistic or superficial aims of life.

For example, when together with some friends we started a centre for the purpose of running the courses, we tried to do it like creating something spiritual, in order to serve spiritual purposes and not materialistic or personal ambitions. That I think had a huge impact on the centre’s activity, as well as on the personal spiritual development of the participants. I think people were coming into the centre and could feel this warmth and they were leaving with bright faces.

Another example of how things worked inside TGM is related to the activity and the connection between the participants. Throughout the years I was practising, I cooperated with other participants/students of TGM, and special relationship bonds were created between us. Of course maybe in every group of people, where people are working together for the same purpose, they develop a special relationship and affinity between them. Because of the nature of TGM activity, I think the connection between its members could be even stronger.

Great proof of that came to me when TGM closed. That period was very crucial for me but the boost I had received from the courses and from the activity of the organisation gave me certain guidance how I should move from then on.

I’m grateful for the relationships I made throughout this time in TGM and since Belzebuub is still with humanity, giving his teachings with one or another ways, I feel like things are still moving without a Movement.

The closure of TGM though is a tragedy. It’s something that could be avoided, depending on its member’s vigil activity, especially during the time where it was under attack. I’m taking part of the responsibility I own and a great lesson which is part of (what I said before) “how things work” and of course “don’t work” sometimes, for the benefit of humanity.

I have a lot of nice memories from several retreats, workshops, courses, and people I met and activities on TGM’s projects that are staying within me, and together with my studies there they formed the foundations of my spiritual development. I feel grateful especially to Belzebuub for that!!

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